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dair: An R package for Google Document AI

  • Slides (PDF, 20Mb) from presentation of daiR at University of Oslo Political Data Science seminar, 17 June 2021

Replication datasets

Noisy OCR Dataset (NOD) (on

Jihadi Plots in the West 1.0 (Excel) 
Foreign Fighter Observation Set 1.0 (Excel)

Case Descriptions of Jihadi Plots in the West, January 2011-June 2015 (PDF)
Coded Data on Jihadi Plots in the West, January 2011-June 2015 (Excel) 

Serious Nuclear and Radiological Incidents 1960-2013 v.1.0

Active Citation

Primary sources cited in “Abdallah Azzam and Palestine”, Die Welt des Islams 53 (3-4), 2013

Primary sources cited in “The Palestine Effect: The Role of Palestinians in the Transnational Jihad Movement”. Die Welt des Islams 53 (3-4), 2013

Syllabi / course slides

Terrorism” (upper undergraduate level), Stanford University, spring 2013

Terrorism and Political Violence in Western Democracies“, University of Oslo, spring 2019

“Publiseringshåndtverk for sikkerhetspolitikere”, internseminar, Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt, vår 2014